Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where I Sew

Today I'm joining the fabulous Sewing Spaces series hosted by Christina from 2 Little Hooligans. I have shared my space here before but since then many of you may be new readers, so you are probably seeing it for the first time!

I would love to tell you that I have a professional studio with huge windows overlooking a river, that create a beautiful, light filled space that I work in every day of the week...but that would be a total lie. My sewing area is actually a corner in our dining room.

The desk and shelves are from the Ikea Expedit range and have been the perfect size - they fit the corner nicely and the desk is sturdy and deep giving me lots of room for both my machines.

The peg board is a bespoke item made especially for this space by my father in law, who is a very talented wood worker. It is made completely from recycled materials and is a fantastic storage space. It's a great way to keep all my sharp tools out of reach from little hands. As well as being functional, I also like to use it to display vintage threads and notions I've collected along the way.

I have changed the way I store fabric since I took these photos. I only kept small pieces and fat quarters on the shelf, but now I have boxes there so I can store them horizontally instead of vertically. Keeps it much tidier - nothing more annoying than pulling something from the bottom of the stack and have the whole lot topple out!

Our dining and living rooms are open plan so when I sew, I can be in the room when the kids are playing, or sew on Friday nights while my husband watches the football, and I still feel like I'm part of it all and not shut away. I use the dining table directly behind the desk as a cutting area, which works well.

It's a small, busy and colourful space, which works really well for me. I am forced to keep it tidy because it's located in a common area, but that's a good thing. I find it easier to work in a tidy space - when things get too messy I feel creatively blocked and overwhelmed.

Make sure you pop over to 2 Little Hooligans and follow the series - I always find it fascinating to see behind the scenes of some of my favourite blogs! Make sure you also check out Christina's stunning sewing room - such a beautiful space with a mix of vintage and modern pieces, it looks like it's straight from the pages of an interiors magazine!


  1. So lovely to get a behind the scenes look at your precious workspace! What a gorgeous creative corner. :)

  2. i just love everything about it! thank you so much for sharing it with us and for being part of my sewing spaces series!

  3. What a cute little corner Roslyn!! And such an order...I am impressed!

  4. such a cute space :-) I need a peg board like that - my husband has been asking around the hardware stores but apparently they are not available here! I love all your little homemade touches like the machine covers.

  5. It is a lovely bright sewing space :) Dining tables are so handy for cutting fabric and assembling patterns, aren't they!

  6. You know I LOVE your peg board, Ros!!! Gotta love IKEA... I sew on an Expedit desk and store fabric on Expedit shelves... and I'd be lost without my dining room / cutting out table. When I was in my teens, 20s, I used to cut out on the floor... not any more.

  7. Ah, you are so organized! One of the downsides of living alone is that I can be as messy as I want, which means my sewing space looks... not quite this good. ;)

    1. It looks very organised but my husband will attest to the fact that it very rarely looks like that! Haha!

  8. Very organised, pretty and inspiring work space. I always keep a look out for peg board at my tip. I marvel at the great sewers like yourself who declare they are sharing a kitchen or lounge space and create such great work.

  9. Cool I love the peg board idea - it all looks so creative and pretty

  10. Great area Roz!! Just wondering is the peg board mounted on a backing so you can screw hooks into it to hold scissors etc?

  11. I love how organized this is even in a small space!

  12. I love how it is in a common area and so tidy. Officially my craft room is half of our sunroom, but I share the space with everything else in the house that doesn't have a place. It is essentially a storage area. It is cramped and messy, and I never use it. I just take what I need to the dining room and work at the dining table, spreading mess as I go.

  13. Oh wow!! I am slightly envious of your awesome space! It looks very inspiring. :)

    I setup a foldaway trestle table in our kitchen and all my supplies get shoved high up on our shelves so that Anne doesn't make a mess/hurt herself. Oh to have the space!


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