Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sweet Pouch gifts from Kristi

I arrived home from doing the grocery shopping with the girls on Friday to find a huge parcel on my front door step. Awesome! I knew it was going to be great as I'd seen a few little hints from my partner Kristi who blogs at Schnitzel & Boo.

First up, the pouch. Kristi made me an iPad case using this food truck fabric - how cool?!

I love food trucks! They have only been around for a few years in Melbourne and there aren't too many of them, but one of our favourite things to do on a summer's evening is to have a little picnic in the park for dinner when the Taco Truck is in our neighbourhood. I also love catching the occasional episode of the US show 'Food Truck Wars' when it's on TV here. I ADORE this fabric and the pop of those orange flower buttons!

What would the Sweet Pouch Swap be without the lovely treats? Kristi bought a huge selection of treats, none of which you can buy here. There are a few places in Melbourne that sell sweets from the USA but I don't live near them so all these have been fun to try. Anna is desperate to put that popcorn cob in the microwave, she has been begging me to do it all day! The Theo chocolate is yum and a Seattle specialty. Cherries and almonds? Match made in heaven.

I think most of these lovely gifts are supposed to be for the girls but I think I will be keeping that choc chip cookie lip gloss! And probably the stickers too. Cute!

A looooong time ago I posted on instagram that a fabric that I lust after but is now out of print is the Heather Ross goldfish fabric. Kristi found that post and sent me a scrap of it! So lucky and a scrap is enough because this fabric is perfection for fussy cutting. I am now the proud owner of two scraps of this fabric, as I was also sent some from my gorgeous friend Catherine from Cat & Vee. I really am very lucky to know such generous ladies.

In case you missed it, you can check out all the goodies I sent to Kristi here.

So that is the Sweet Pouch Swap done and dusted for round 2. I declare it a huge success! Thank you so much Kristi for being a great partner, and also HUGE thanks goes to Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts who hosted this round. The swap will happen again so make sure you look out for Round 3!


  1. oh my GOSH Ros, what a gorgeous ipad cover! - I love that fabric, I have never even seen it before. Food trucks are not big up here at all - I so wish they were. I've seen the Taco Truck online - how much fun would that be! And super-delicious chocolates and cute goodies. And Heather Ross fiiiiish, yahoo! Completely gorgeous swap package - you and Kristi made the perfect pair! The swap has been so much fun - you and Alyce have created such an awesome thing to be a part of. xx

  2. Heather Ross? Swoon! You're a lucky lady. I fell in love with Mendocino after it was super popular. I'd have to trade my first born for a scrap.

    Love that I pad cover. So awesome. I've never seen that fabric! I'm going to have to pick up some!

  3. You certainly did score well with all that candy! Gorgeous fabric and lucky you on the goldfish fabric!

    Anne xx

  4. You lucky chick what a beautiful gift, lol at keeping the kids stuff, at least you're honest!!

  5. You lucky lucky lady! What awesome gifts.

    The food truck fabric is awesome.


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