Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scrappy Quilt Progress

In between other projects this year I've been sewing up blocks for a quilt for Anna. I had a strict budget for this quilt - $0. I've blown that budget by buying some fabric for the backing ($14.00) and some fabric for the sashing ($6.50). So it is still a very small budget quilt, but I still need to buy some batting to finish it.

I've finished my blocks - I've made fifteen, and the finished quilt will have five rows of three. All of the fabric in my blocks was in my stash already. Anna chose some of it and she chose the elephant print for the quilt back, so she already has a sense of ownership over this quilt. Here are some of the blocks:

Fabric: Owl print from Spotlight, pale pink solid and Denise Schmidt dot print.

Ariel the Mermaid print, white solid, Bonnie & Camille Vintage Modern aqua polka dot.

Argh messy edges! Bunting print from Spotlight, yellow solid, linen blend polka dot from Spotlight.

Rain clouds print, my own design printed by Spoonflower, white solid, Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Periwinkle.

Owl print by Spotlight, yellow solid, Bright Sky Twiggy from Oh Deer by Moda.

So it all looks a bit messy and there is no particular colour theme but I haven't included any reds because I have so many pinks. I ended up choosing a medium shade purple for the sashing so I hope that pulls it all together, but it's scrappy by nature so it doesn't have to have a theme. It has been a good project for me to practice piecing and get my corners to line up. Some blocks are better than others. I've made these blocks before - last year I made these ones for a charity drive. You can find the tutorial for these blocks here.

I plan to try and use the self binding technique where you use the excess fabric from the backing fabric to bind the quilt. I'd like to try it so I can machine the binding and make the finish nice and quick.

Once I get the quilt top finished I tend to get really focused and baste and quilt quickly. So hopefully I'll be able to share the finished product soon!

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  1. I love those adorable rain clouds!!

  2. I'm sure I've said this a million times before.. but I love your taste in fabrics! I bet Anna will be excited to see this finished :)

  3. Those block look really sweet :) She will love it.

  4. These are beautiful! Isnt it exciting to think that this might be a quilt that she keeps forever and passes to her own daughter :)

  5. I was just thinking I love the rain clouds print and then I read that it's your design, wowsers!!

  6. Very cute, have to agree with Cass you really do have an eye for great fabrics. Lucky girls :)

  7. Looking lovely Ros. Can't wait to see the finished project. You'll have to let me know how you go with the self binding technique.

    Anne xx

  8. This just makes me feel happy to look at this! Such good fun! I love the colours!


    1. Thanks Caffy! It should be a bright and fun quilt I'm hoping!

  9. I love, love the sweet rainclouds. The little quilt will be perfect.

  10. Square in a square is my very favorite quilt block! I love the way you can "fussy cut" a motif and put it in the center of the little frame.
    Scrappy quilts are so fun.
    Your quilt will be a delight!
    Happy sewing,

    1. Thanks Nettie - I love the square in square style too - it's quite easy for a beginner like me!

  11. Your little rain clouds you designed yourself are so cute. Did you have a good experience with Spoonflower? I've been thinking of printing my own design with them.
    That block is a nice way to showcase the central fabrics too. :-)


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