Friday, March 15, 2013

Massive Home Sale - Bed Makeover & Giveaway! *closed*

This post is sponsored by Target.

You know when you have things in your home that you just don't prioritise? You look and them and want to fix them or replace them, but something else is always more important? I have a wishlist:
  • New curtains in the back room. (They are hideous 80s relics, however they are custom size so to replace them would be expensive.)
  • New cushions and a light weight duvet for our bed.
  • Dry clean our carpet (oh my gosh I've put this off for WAY to long!)
  • New towels. But my husband refuses to part with his towel he bought in the UK 13 years ago.
  • New shelves for Lucy's room.
Last night I did some late night shopping at the Massive Home Sale at Target Northland, and decided that at least one of these things would be ticked off the list. But looking at the list, I could have done everything except the carpet cleaning and curtains.

First, let me show you something a little bit embarrassing.

We had two decorative cushions on our bed. We've had them for a number of years. This is the current state of them. *cringes* *shields eyes*

I blog about sewing! The shame of these cushions! Recovering them have been on my to-do list for about two years. But I find these kind of jobs a chore - I'd rather be creating new things and trying new patterns than recovering a cushion.

They ended up like this for two reasons - I found them the perfect size to place under my huge pregnant belly for a comfortable nights sleep with during both pregnancies. My husband had knee surgery in his teens and they get quite achy at night so he sleeps with one wedged between his knees. They have been well loved. But now they just need to go in the bin!

Here are my gorgeous new cushions, and a total bargain for only $11.25 each at the Massive Home Sale! I'd be hard pressed to find similar fabric for that price.

Hurrah! Our bed is looking much lovelier now. Not that I had displayed those threadbare cushions for a long time...

Add a lighter weight duvet and a couple of new pillows, several of which are on sale in the Target Bedding department, and my bed make over is complete. Ticked off the wishlist!

Now can I convince my husband to give up his old towel? I have my eye on these Target Towels:

The charcoal colour is my favourite. I plan to have new towels ticked off my wishlist very soon!

The Target Massive Home Sale is on until March 20.

Giveaway! *now closed*
Target are keen to help my readers get their home wishlist sorted out too - they are giving away a $40 gift voucher to one lucky Sew Delicious reader! (Australian residents only)

Do you have something embarrassing - like my cushions - in your house that you'd love upgrade? Fill out the form below and tell me all about it!

Giveaway closes Friday 22nd March at 8pm AEST. Only open to Australian residents. Winner will be chosen based on effort and creativity. The judge's decision is final.


  1. Oh, you're so funny. At least your bed is made.

    Anne xx

  2. Oh darn, I just tried to enter and then saw it said Austrailia only. Sad face

  3. There is absolutely no way I will be giving up my towel!! Knees pillow we can discuss, but the towel stays.

    xx Your husband

  4. I was cheering to read that it was an Australian competition. I like your colour palette for towel choices.

  5. Great giveaway Ros! Love the answer of your husband!


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