Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lucy's 1st Birthday - The Outfit

My baby girl is one! Tomorrow actually. We celebrated on Sunday with lots of family and friends, and Lucy was certainly the star of the show! I know all parents think their baby is the most gorgeous kid ever, but how can you disagree with this photo?

Of course...I had to make her a special outfit for the occasion!

I chose some beautiful fabric from the recent Verona range by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake. I wanted to steer away from traditional pinks and reds and I loved the bright coral colour (called rouge) in this collection.

Firstly, I made Lucy a ruffle skirt. I used the Layered Skirt tutorial by Dana from Made which was a brilliant and easy tutorial to follow. The sewing was made much quicker and my seams were much cleaner using my new overlocker! The specific fabrics used are Damask in Grey and Dots in Rouge.

I added in a little sash at the front because I wanted to add some more of the rouge fabric into the skirt.

To finish the outfit I made a simple fabric head band with a fabric yo-yo flower and cute button. I didn't want the outfit to be too over the top, so to keep it simple I teamed it with a simple white long sleeved onesie and tights.

She looked gorgeous and I was so thrilled with the result!

Happy birthday Lucy my precious girl!

My facebook friends have had a sneak peek already, but stay tuned, because the next post will be all about the birthday cake, and I think you'll love it.


  1. Just gorgeous, Ros... little Lucy and her new outfit!!! The fabrics you've chosen look great together and the sash just finishes it off beautifully.

  2. OMG! Adorable! The child and the skirt ;) Great job - on both counts!

  3. She's so cute! Love her outfit. Well done.

  4. I can't disagree she is gorgeous and doesn't she looks such a sweetie in her flounced shirt and matching hairband. Lovely colours!

    A new follower- a Brit living in Spain :-)

  5. Oh she is gorgeous. Happy Birthday little Lucy :-) Love that outfit. How do you keep the headband on? Does it have elastic? Great job Ros ♥

    1. Hi Sherry! It has elastic at the back - I am planning a little tutorial soon for it!

  6. Such a beautiful little girl in such cute get up, I hope she had a lovely 1st Birthday!

  7. The skirt looks gorgeous! Lucy is such a lil cutie! Why can't you live closer so that I can give her a birthday cuddle! lol. well you'll just have to give her one from me & Hannah xo

  8. your outfit is adorable. but the model really does steal the show!!! she is just too cute. you have a little looker on your hands. happy birthday Lucy.

  9. adorable! the skirt and headband were beautiful on their own AND now made gorgeous by your lovely little model! Nice work.

  10. adorable! the skirt and headband were beautiful on their own AND now made gorgeous by your lovely little model! Nice work.

  11. Way too cute! I love the color combos of the fabric!

  12. Lucy é tão linda e feliz
    Parabéns pra vocês!!


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