Friday, April 6, 2012

Needle & Thread Interviews - Lyndelle from Little Olly

Today I am excited to feature my very talented friend Lyndelle. We met in 2009 when our babies were about 10 weeks old. Eight women from our local area with new babies ended up in same Mother's group, and luckily for us, firm friendships were made and remain now. A couple of years ago, I started reading blogs, getting inspired and I decided that I needed sewing lessons. With no room in the budget to pay for lessons, I asked Lyndelle to teach me how to sew. The rest, as they say, is history... and just yesterday I discovered that Lyndelle has been the co-conspirator with my husband and has helped him over the past few months in his secret mission to buy me an overlocker (serger) for my birthday - so I owe her lots of thanks!!

Our cheeky babies Liam and Anna - not babies anymore!
In Lyndelle's own words:
Hi, my name is Lyndelle. I'm thrilled to be part of Roslyn's awesome interview series! I live in Ballarat which is a large country town in Victoria, Australia. I have one little boy who has just turned 3, and like so many mums he has become my sewing inspiration.

Boy's pajamas - currently available in Lyndelle's shop Little Olly
Is sewing a hobby you have had since you were young or has it been something you have come to as an adult?
Definitely something I have been doing since I was young. I remember my mum bought me a basic sewing machine for my 10th birthday, and she was a fantastic sewer. When I was younger I mainly did cross stitch and a bit of knitting and crocheting, then moved on to patchwork and quilting.
Christmas Cross Stitch
Is/was your paid job or educational background creative?
In some ways yes it was creative. I have worked as a singer in a band on and off for about fifteen years, and I also owned a gift shop for a couple of years which is where I first started selling products that I had made. 

What types of projects do you enjoy creating the most?
These days my focus is really creating things for boys! We all know how many adorable projects and materials there are for little girls, and I think the boys miss out a bit. I love it when my little boy gets excited about wearing something I have made for him!
Little boy's bamboo trunks - designed by Lyndelle - PDF available soon!
What are your favourite sewing tools and materials?
I have in the last few years started to use a lot of organic and natural materials. This is mainly due to my boy having sensitive skin, allergies and excema. My favourite to work with is bamboo. It feels absolutely amazing to the touch and is a sustainable material for our planet.
Lyndelle's sewing room
  How do you balance your sewing and blogging with your ‘real life’ eg. Paid work, family? 
 I don't have a blog but sell products I have made online in my MadeIt shop. It is always difficult and unfortunately my little fella probably gets neglected a bit when I am on a sewing roll! You do your best and try not to feel too guilty about spending time doing something you love that doesn't involve your kids. Difficult for us eternally guilt-ridden mums.
Apart from sewing, what other creative pursuits do you enjoy?
I really love all crafts and have given most things a go, but sewing is the one constant. 
Thanks Lyndelle! If you want to know more about Lyndelle's gorgeous clothes for boys (and there are a few things for girls too!) you can find her here:

Happy Easter!


  1. Now that's a good friend, helping to make the overlocker a reality!!! That Christmas cross stitch is amazing!!!

  2. Really amazing cross stitch! Must have taken many many hours to complete!

  3. Great interview, Ros. She sounds like an awesome friend...I don't know exactly what an overlocker is, but I bet it's pretty useful! I love, love, love those little bamboo trunks!


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