Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Strawberry Swap

I haven't participated in any swaps since the last round of the Sweet Pouch Swap, so when I saw the Strawberry Swap pop up on instagram I signed up straight away - what a fun theme!

My parcel of goodies has arrived to it's surprise destination - Michelle in Queensland - so I can share what I've made! Of course, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have probably already seen most of this!

In her information, Michelle said that she would like a zip pouch. Well, she had the perfect partner, because as you know, zip pouches are my specialty! I used the Pink Stitches Boxy Pouch tutorial and made this one for her.

I was actually a bit sad to send it away, I was really pleased with it and I love the mix of fabrics in the patchwork.

The second gift I made Michelle was a cushion cover. I debated over a mug rug and made one, but decided not to send it (read about that here!) and then I made a paper pieced strawberry and used it as a base to add borders and create this cushion.

I really loved this one too, and as luck would have it, my secret partner, Bec from Skyberries Handmade, sent me a quilted cushion cover too!

I also added some smaller goodies into the parcel, including a little strawberry pincushion made using this tutorial by Down Grapevine Lane. Then some sweets of course. Anything strawberry themed that I could find when I was shopping!

I received my gorgeous parcel from Bec on Friday. She wrapped it all in hand stamped strawberry paper. I haven't had a chance to take proper pictures, but here is the one I shared on Instagram of her lovely gifts. So generous! And yep...that chocolate is already gone.

Bec and I must have very similar tastes! She sent me a cushion cover, a cross stitched little zipper pouch, a fabric covered notebook, two pieces of Heather Ross Briar Rose fabric, pink polka dot wash tape, red polka dot ribbon, some little ladybugs, two strawberry pincushions, and two different strawberry flavoured chocolates. Amazing!! I love all of it - thank you so much Bec! Check out her blog Skyberries Handmade.


  1. I thought that pincushion looked familiar! What a fabulous swap idea <3

  2. such a great swap :-) I love your boxy pouches - you always pick a great fabric selection for them :-)

  3. I love the colour combinations in the bag and cushion cover that you made. The cushion is so, so pretty.

  4. What a lovely parcel Ros! Love the cushion cover!

  5. Hi Ros, it was so lovely to meet you again at Problogger :) Look at all your clever crafty stuff here. As a stapler of hems, I am very impressed ;P


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