Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Charity Quilting - Woodland Owl Quilt

Last week I shared my Aqua & Grey quilt that I made for the Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser Auction, and today I'm sharing the second quilt - my Woodland Owl Quilt.

It's pretty hard to see the individual prints in this photo, but they are from a fabric range called Woodland Whimsy. The pink dot is a Denyse Schmidt print from my stash, but the rest is from Woodland Whimsy that is currently available at Spotlight.

I was very lucky that the lovely people at Spotlight Australia provided me with a gift card so I could purchase the materials for this quilt at their store. Thanks so much Spotlight for supporting Ovarian Cancer Awareness! I really appreciate your generosity. You can check out Spotlight on Facebook for all the latest details about projects, products and upcoming sales.

I almost didn't buy the brown owl print, but I'm so glad it did - the darker squares really pop and bring out the brightness of the pinks and blues. I love that the owls are a little bit different to the usual design, not as cutesy, which means that this quilt is a good design for older children as well as babies.

I loved the blue colour and I didn't want too much pink as I wanted it to be fairly unisex for wider appeal. For the backing I chose the Medallion print in blue. It's a lovely coordinate with a slightly more interesting print than a simple polka dot. I've included a few squares of it in the quilt top as well. I used the same binding technique as I used with the aqua & grey quilt, where I used the backing fabric.

This quilt was sold at the auction to a lady who is an Ovarian Cancer survivor and is a good friend of my Aunt.

That's it for quilts for me for a while. I have to finish my scrappy quilt for Anna but it's a project that is well and truly on the back burner for now. I want to make one with my Tsuru bundle but I haven't had any inspiration yet for the design I'd like to try. I'm enjoying getting back to small scale projects that I can finish in a couple of hours!


  1. I love this one too Ros, I really like that blue print. I am such a blues and greens girl though. I really have to try out that binding technique next time I try my hand at quilting.

    Cant wait to see what your working on next!

  2. Oh so cute, that woodland fabric is very cute. Yay for Spotlight coming to the party and helping out :)

  3. Gorgeous fabric choices Ros. I don't think owls will ever go out of fashion!!! What a great quilt for a fantastic cause :)

  4. Beautiful quilt! I notice that I enjoy making something small and easy after completing a bigger and more time consuming project.

  5. It is beautiful Ros. I have some of the blue medallion print myself and I'm going to be making a dress for Miss 4 this weekend. Hopefully she embraces the blue rather than the usual pink, pink, pink requests!

  6. You're a sewing machine! (get it LOL) Oh Ros. Its beautiful. Did you get much sleep in the last few weeks? You can have a rest now. Well done.

    Anne xx


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