Monday, November 26, 2012

Secret Santa Swap - What I Made

I haven't done any swaps in a while so when Kara from Me and Elna told me she was hosting a Secret Santa swap I thought it would be a great way to turn my thoughts to some Christmas sewing projects and try some new things.

I was partnered with the lovely Cat from Cat & Vee, and I just LOVE her designs and style.You can check out her blog here, and her gorgeous Etsy store here. You will find some awesome Christmas gift ideas there!

In the information she gave Kara, Cat said that hot pink and lime green were two of her favourite colours. Armed with that info and some fabric I had in my stash, I made her this drawstring bag. I love these because you can use them for unlimited purposes, and being a crafty lady I am sure she has a bunch of things to keep in it.

 This bag was made using this great tutorial by Jeni from In Color Order. It was really easy and I'm sure I'll be making more of these!

Being a Secret Santa Swap, I made Cat some festive bunting to hang for Christmas. Rather than the traditional triangle shape, I made each piece of bunting into a flag shape. I also used satin ribbon rather than bias binding.

I will be posting a tutorial on how to make this shape of bunting in the next couple of weeks!

And finally, it wouldn't be Christmas without some lovely treats, so I included a bag of some delicious chocolates.

The secret is that this is the second bag of these chocolates that I bought - I ate the first before I sent the parcel. Shhh :)

So I hope Cat likes her gifts and has a very happy Christmas! I know it is only November, but it's really nice to be organised and have the first gifts of the season sorted and sent! I received my Secret Santa gift the other day - I love them and can't wait to show you!

Linking up with lots of other wonderful creative people here :)


  1. I love the satin ribbon on the bunting. I've also used that drawstring bag tutorial quite a few times - love it!

  2. The drawstring bag looks great, Ros. The green polka dot co-ordinates so well with the pink.

  3. Did you share those chocolates with your husband Ros??? Secret is out of the (drawstring) bag, so to speak!

  4. Love it! I'd love to have you join my Pin Me Linky Party because this is an awesome idea! I'm going to pin it now!

  5. I love the bag! Very nice! I'm sure she will love her gift!

  6. I really like the fishy fabric you have used.

  7. They are such great are right drawstring bags are a must have for stashing stuff. xx

  8. That looks great.. such a fun things to do

  9. So cute That bunting is adorable. I have never seen the Lindt Santas! So cute. My bag wouldn't last either. At least you saved one! I am a new follower!


  10. hi Ros, I am still so far behind on my blog reading, and have only just seen this now!! Thank you for such a lovely post and pics. In an awesome-timing-coincidence, it's on my to-do list for tomorrow, to take good pics of your gorgeous bag and bunting, and then finally do my Secret Santa Swap blog post. There are no longer any Lindt Santas to photograph though ... I don't think they made it to the end of the day I received them ... :-)

    I have just purchased Jeni's drawstring bag pattern, as I really wanted the different measurements for all the different sizes. I have just started on the biggest size for two new Santa sacks, since the girls both want a new Santa bag. Hoping to finish them tomorrow.

    thanks again for showing my swap goodies so beautifully, they are gorgeous. Cat x


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