Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Things To Make

My 'Things To Make' Pinterest board continues to overflow with ideas. Some I will get around to doing, many I will not, but still, all the things I've pinned on there are things I know I could do if I had time (and lets be honest - more money to buy fabric and craft supplies!)

Here are a few recent favourite pins -

Zipper Card Pouch Tutorial by Craft Passion

Fabric Basket by Make It Do, tutorial by The Sometimes Crafter

Fabric Scraps Bookmarks tutorial by Small Good Things

 Sewing Machine Cover by Notes From The Patch

That's enough to keep me busy for a while! What have you been pinning? Are you like me and your food boards are 99% desserts?


  1. Thanks Ros! Now you've given even more things on my 'to make' list! He he! So much inspiration out there, isn't there?

  2. Ohhhhhh! I want to make all of those too. Especially the sewing machine cover.

  3. I started out with one board which kept me happy for a while, and now I have uh, branched out into a few more boards :) and I may have to branch out a bit futher. Got to love pinterest!

  4. I love Pinterest!

  5. Cute projects Ros... I just love that fabric on the machine cover... very cool!

  6. Yep desserts are the main food item and I even have a Christmas food board - If I actually made all those Christmas foods I'd have to start cooking now and we'd be eating them till July!

  7. I think I've already pinned the sewing machine cover and the little zip wallet. And yeah, 99% desserts!

  8. I love the sewing machine cover and the fabric! The little card case is really cute too! Off to update my Pin boards!


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