Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Year So Far...

Can you believe it's April already? In a couple of days, I celebrate my birthday...they seem to come around quicker every year! Here in Melbourne the leaves are changing, the mornings are chilly and the AFL is back (to my husband's glee), which means we are heading quickly towards winter. I am definitely a warm weather person, so I am dreading it!

Today I thought I'd do a quick round up of my favourite posts from the first quarter of 2012.

My labels tutorial went to number one with a bullet on my stats list - it is now my most viewed post ever. I got a lot of great feedback from people who had successfully used the tutorial to make their own labels, which was so lovely!

My Big Books Library Bag tutorial went viral on Pinterest - it was amazing. I have since made several of these bags for friends and one as a custom order in my shop for a lovely lady named Kaitlin who saw it on my blog and had to have it! Hopefully it has arrived in Pennsylvania by now and she is giving all the people at her local library a good laugh!

I shared my husband's crafty secret - he crochets! You can read more about this divine baby blanket he made for his colleague Kellie here.

Finally, for my daughter's 3rd birthday I made a rainbow cake! She still talks about it all the time which is the ultimate compliment and made it completely worthwhile.

Don't forget to have a look at my Needle & Thread interviews with some amazingly talented ladies - you can't help but be inspired when you see their work.

My next post is a great tutorial, so stay tuned! I am planning a little fabric giveaway when I hit 250 'likers' on Facebook, so if you don't already, make sure you join me over there!


  1. Crazy how fast this yeas has gone!
    I'm a reasonably new follower so I missed some of these posts, I'll have to go back and look through them.. lucky you finding a hubby who's crafty!!

  2. It's definitely getting cooler, but no sign of the leaves changing colour yet here.

  3. thank you for the great tut on the labels...I tried it and it's great, very simple and you get exactly what you want!
    love the rainbow cake, but boy I'm definitely not showing my girls as that's what they will all want for their birthdays!

  4. luv the bag and yes, the best part of the AFL season is the quiet time we get when our boys watch it

  5. Some great successes there - well done. The rainbow cake is mega impressive!


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