Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kitchen Vintage

I haven't shared anything thrifty for a while so I thought I'd show you some fabulous retro kitchen canisters I picked up on holidays a couple of months ago. Here they are in all their bright red glory:

We were visiting our good friends Georgia and James on their beautiful property in the Snowy Mountain region of New South Wales and their nearest town is one called Tumbarumba. I picked up these in an Old Wares shop in the main street. As you can see, it's not the full set and the coffee canister has some damage. Nevertheless, I had to have them!

They now take pride of place in my pantry, alongside a full white set which I picked up for a song on ebay about 5 years ago.

I adore them. And yes, I do keep the flour, sugar, rice, tea and coffee in them! I use the red ones for self-raising flour, caster sugar and arborio rice.

I'm not an avid thrifter, but I take my chances when I can and I know that retro kitchen canisters are rarely found as sets and rarely cheap these days as people like me covet them for their kitchen!

Do you have a cool kitchen canister set? Show me! Send a link in my comments or upload a pic to my new flickr pool!

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  1. I have never seen a canister set that had a "rice" before. So this is a wonderful thing for me to see.

    The typical ones for me are... flour, sugar, tea and coffee.

    Sometimes one with "cookies" can be found in these wonderful colorful plastic/melmac sets. But never "rice".

  2. I'm jealous of both of your beautiful sets. I don't have any sadly but that's ok I don't have my own kitchen to show them off anyways.

  3. Awesome find!!! I love the white ones too :)
    I'm itching to get out for another Oppy adventure! Might have to drag My Man the Muso along while he's got some time off! :)

  4. great find, the red and white cannisters are just divine

  5. Gorgeous canisters, Love both sets.

  6. The red are my favourite. Love them!

  7. Those are some amazing canisters!

  8. Those are fabulous sets! I've seen a few at my local favourite secondhand place, but they're not cheap!

    Maybe next payday I'll splash out?! I think you may just have inspired me to! :)

  9. my goodness, I saw a sign to Tumburumba just yesterday whilst driving in the country, I grew up near the area, who would have thought great finds would come from there. I do love the county oppys.

  10. You're so lucky to find these sets! They're getting rarer. Love them.

  11. I love those old vintage containers, they never go out of style :)


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