Friday, November 11, 2011

Thrifty Finds

On a recent trip up to my parents in law's place in Northern Victoria, I was lucky to have a child free morning so I went for a little op-shopping trip. I hit the jackpot in Elmore, a little town between Bendigo and Echuca.

I picked up some gorgeous vintage sewing bits and pieces:

Some great vintage sheets and pillowcases that can look forward to their new lives as future dresses for my girls!

And my favourite - this great Cadbury Chocolates tin. It is a bit battered and bruised but I love the waratahs! My mother in law thinks it might be from the 1950s. Do you recognise it? Any ideas when it was made? I might have to email Cadburys and find out! I keep lots of my sewing things in old tins so this one will probably be filled pretty quickly.

Love country op-shops! Happy thrifting!

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  1. What fantastic finds! I just love the old packaging and you already know I'm addicted to vintage fabric! Seeing your stash makes me want to go on an Oppy Marathon! hehe!

  2. You got some wonderful finds. I miss those cotton reels, can never find them now! The packaging looks fab!

  3. I just love finding op shop treasures! Well done. Adrian's aunty works at a local one and you should see the stuff she gets for the kids! Can't wait to see the dresses. xx

  4. The blue cotton on the wooden reel is a fabulous find. These vintage finds look fabulous in your header.

    I was given the Liebster Award and I've passed it on to you. The details are here....

  5. Treasures indeed! I recently acquired a large amount of vintage fabrics and trinkets from an estate sale and have been overwhelmed going through the boxes! The packaging is so delightful on much of it I don't imagine ever using it! Gotta find a neat way to display it in my sewing space for sure!

  6. Great finds - especially the little sewing bits and pieces.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. That there is op shopping gold! What a fun and fabulous find, especially that yellow and white floral fabric...oooh the possibilities!

  8. I LOVE finding old sewing notions and fabrics!


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