Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Zip Pouch Masquerading As A Clutch

I had some offcuts of this lovely Tsuru fabric from a quilt I'm making...well a future quilt than has not been started and is just sitting there for another time when the sewing machine and I will become reacquainted.

I went to a conference last month and decided that since I was staying in the hotel I didn't want to carry a bag around but I wanted something that would accommodate my phone, notepad and pen and other bits and pieces, so this is what I came up with.

Just a regular zip pouch, nothing fancy, but a bit bigger than the usual sizes I make. This one finished up at 10" x 8". I added a wristlet which was handy as morning tea and lunch involved standing with a plate of food and I needed both hands.

I stitched the fabric offcuts together and then quilted two panels using diagonal lines. I really like the effect of the quilting. My favourite print is that dark blue floral, I'm definitely going to have to hunt down some yardage of that one.

At the risk of being controversial, which I usually avoid here - is it just me...or does the yellow feather print remind you of *ahem* something else? Or is that just my filthy mind?

I had some large pieces of the bird foot print fabric remaining so that won the prize of becoming the lining.

So it's kind of a clutch / zip pouch / bag, but it works when you need something a bit bigger than a regular little zippy. Fingers crossed I can get a start on the quilt before Christmas...although that will be here before we know it!


  1. Errr yes, you are right about the yellow feather print... I love the lining fabric!!!

  2. The crane's flying across the cloudy (night) sky is great - the quilting pattern looks like rain over that fabric. Might have to take a squizz at it online.

  3. well I hadn't noticed it before, but now you've mentioned it...hehehe!!
    Lovely and functional wristlet - and you are right about the gorgeous floral on navy print - one of my favourite fabrics that I never purchased! Let me know if you ever track any down!

  4. Great idea, and cute. The quilting looks cool.

  5. Great idea, and cute. The quilting looks cool.

  6. Great idea! I too love the floral fabric... And the feathers... Well... kinda, but that would not be my first association :)

  7. Ummm didn't see the feathers as that but yeah, now it's all I see LOL. Elizabeth wantws to do some sewing over the next holidays now she has a proper machine, I was going to do the pouch with her but I think she will get more use out of a wristlet, great idea. I love the blue floral print as well.


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