Friday, May 23, 2014

Stash Favourites

I haven't had much time for sewing or blogging lately. Life's busy, yada yada yada. We are all in that boat. Sometimes we have time to get crafty, sometimes we don't.

Doesn't mean I don't want to participate in crafty endevours. So I thought I'd start something quick and fun!

Do you use Instagram? Yay, me too. I love it for a number of reasons. If I follow someone, I see all their posts (boo facebook, you are failing me in this department!) It is so pretty. People make really cool stuff - sewing and quilting IGers are awesome. Eye candy everywhere.

So here's the deal. Take a quick snap of your favourite fabric. You know the one (or the many) you are saving for that special project. The prize of your stash. Or that collection that you've spent several years trawling eBay and destash groups to build. Or just that random yardage you loved and bought at Spotlight two years ago. Maybe you aren't sentimental but you do have a particular favourite right now.

Take the photo. Use the hashtag #stashfave. Scroll through and check out everyone else's coveted fabric. Leave likes and comments! Or just be a silent admirer.

I'm generally not much of a floral lover. But I do love these two random fqs I picked up on sale.

Not on instagram? Join! Or share a pic on your social media of choice.

You can follow me on instagram here or just search for me in the app - @sewdeliciousros.

Can't wait to see your #stashfave :)


  1. I'm liking your faves here Ros, off to check out my stash

  2. Awesome idea - I'll be taking pics later today! And LOVE the koi fabrics <3

  3. this is a fun idea Ros - I have posted my picture!


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