Sunday, January 20, 2013

Patchwork Zipper Pouch

In the week after Christmas I had a fair bit of down time and I got a lot of sewing done. Santa had just delivered Anna a huge new stash of textas and crayons, so I did some patchwork practice and made her a zip pouch to use as a pencil case.

I went to my scrap basket and grabbed anything pink or blue. I cut a bunch of 2.5" squares and sewed them up, 12 squares per side.

If you look closely you'll recognise some Amy Butler Lotus, Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow, Yardage Design Verano Leaves, and Sweetwater Lucy's Crab Shack. The rest are just fabrics from my local store. I've realised I sew with A LOT of polka dots.

This zippy was fun and a chance to practice a few skills. I quilted it the same way I quilted my quilt, I did this first as a small scale trial. I also sewed fabric tabs onto the zipper for the first time. Why have I waited so long to do this? Crazy. I'm definitely a convert.

I think I'm also quite addicted to patchwork as a way of using up my scraps. Which will make my husband happy as I'm less inclined to buy new fabric!

I'm absolutely loving seeing all the different pouches everyone is making for the swap. So many interesting and varied fabric choices, techniques and shapes. Want to have a look? Check out the pics in the flickr group here or have a look at the Instagram #sweetpouchswap stream here.


  1. I love putting those little fabric ends on the zip. Makes the corners so much nicer doesn't it?!

  2. Very cute! I'm patchwork ing myself it's addictive but it's so time consuming!

  3. Looks too good for a pencil case, Ros!!! Definitely a great way to use up scraps.

  4. I love the pale blue and pink together, very sweet x

  5. So cute! I love the fabric choices - what a fun combination!

  6. Too gorgeous!Love all fabrics combination! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  7. Such pretty fabric choices! I've been tip-toeing the idea of quilting, maybe this would be a smaller way to ease into it!

  8. Was just going to say love the owls , it must be Marisa thing!

  9. Adorei tuas pe├žas! Tudo lindo!!
    Se quiser conhecer meu blog:
    Espero tua visita...
    Um beijo.

  10. Looks really beautiful Ros and your zipper is so NEAT !!!! If you have time someday will you please do a tutorial on how you manage to make and sew in those little tabs at the ends PLEASE!!!! I'm a zipper disaster !

    Siubhan x

    1. I know this was a while ago, but on the off-chance you're still looking, or someone else wants to know the same thing... has a handy tutorial on making a lined zipper purse with the fabric zip end covers.

  11. Doesn't it feel great when you use up scraps! I'm totally addicted to patchwork at the moment. Love the tab on the end.

  12. Love this. It's so cute and the fabrics you've used are gorgeous!
    My daughter would adore it, but I may not show her - she'll want me to make one, and I'm not quite up to the challenge of zips!


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