Monday, February 27, 2012


I have been thinking for a while that I'd like to create an 'About' page on my blog. My little blogger bio doesn't really tell my readers much about me, but I'm not sure what people might want to know. Since this blog is a real outlet for me, I figure I'd like to share a bit more about myself.

So over to you - ask me a question!


It can be about sewing, my 'real' life, something random. Whatever! I'd love to hear from you - especially if you are one of those silent readers who hasn't commented before.

If you get this post via email, you can just hit 'reply' and I will get your question. If you follow me via facebook or twitter, you can ask your question there.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

PS. Talking about following - apparently Google Friend Connect will cease to exist on March 1st. So if you follow me that way, you may wish to resubscribe - Email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, or Bloglovin. Pop over to my sidebar and choose your weapon of choice. I have been using Bloglovin lately and I am really liking it, so it may be worth checking out!



  1. what inspired you to start sewing?

    How did you learn to sew?

    Is Melbourne better than Sydney?

    and where's your favourite place to buy fabric?

  2. How are you different in 'real life' than in the blog world? (For me I think I use less exclamations marks in real life- If I spoke how I write on the blog, I'd sound very excited all the time! he he!) Jenny :)
    ... I'd also throw in: What's your guilt pleasure and most embarrassing moment?

  3. Kate chose all the good ones! ;)
    But how about....what is your work space like?

  4. I JUST made the switch to Bloglovin. It's so easy to use and I like how the blog roll looks. So... a question, huh? I wanted to see your space, but since Nanny Kate already asked about that, how about you tell me what your favorite song was as when you were 13. That's sure to get a laugh! Personally, I was a Backstreet Boys fan!

  5. Hi Ros - long time reader, first time contributor. More of a comment than a question really ... your husband sounds just divine. Where did you meet?

    1. Hmmm, don't you love it when your husband sneaks around and leaves cheeky comments on your blog... hahaha!


Thank you so much for your comments - I adore hearing from you! I love to reply personally via email so if your email isn't visible in your profile feel free to leave it in your message so I can get in touch!

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